Cultural Safety Project

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What is this research about?

We seek to understand:

  • What the health care environment is like for First Nation, Inuit, Urban Aboriginal and Métis community members and health care providers living in the Okanagan Valley,
  • What is available and what is needed to have culturally safe and accessible health care services and then,
  • What changes can be made in the health care system

Cultural safety is about creating a safe space so First Nation, Inuit, Urban Aboriginal and Métis community members have voice in determining personal and family health outcomes. The practice of cultural safety in health care establishes an awareness of personal cultural realities and attitudes, to be open minded and flexible in attitudes toward people from other cultures.


First Nation, Inuit, Urban Aboriginal and Métis community members accessing Vernon Jubilee Hospital are invited to participate in a project that looks at what health care services are like for those living in the Okanagan Valley.

We are looking to speak with:

1. Community
People who identify as an Aboriginal person and have been current or previous patients receiving health care services at Vernon Jubilee Hospital

2. Care Providers
Vernon Jubilee Hospital staff
Community organization service providers

What you would do:

You can choose to be in a personal interview with a research staff member or in a group discussion with other people and a research staff member. Your participation in this study would be voluntary and you can refuse to participate or withdraw at any time.

To learn more about the project and possibly participate, contact:

Jessie Nyberg, Elder Advisor & Community Research Liaison

Phone: 250-260-1666 or 250-309-1259

For information or to participate in Carmella Alexis’ thesis research about Syilx (Okanagan) concepts of cultural safety and palliative care, contact:

Carmella Alexis, MA Student and Graduate Research Assistant

Phone: 250-807-9667

For additional information, contact:

Carlene Dingwall, Project Coordinator 2011-2013

Phone: 250-807-9667

Michelle Smith, Project Coordinator 2006-2011/2013-2014

Phone; 250.807.9667

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